Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wonderful week in Adelaide

I had a wonderful time teaching in Adelaide at the Embroiderers Guild Summer School - two big and fabulous classes and I must thank them all for their enthusiasm and talent and hard work.

The first two days were my Text-tile - paper - cloth - text and images although I think we failed with a bit of the text - just difficult to get through everything in the time.

We played with napkins - tissutex - newspaper (my new discovery which I plan a lot more of)

Annette worked diligently away in her tiny corner and produced so many fabulous pieces

Start of some newspaper play

Some ethereal stuff happening

Some simple image transfer - I had a few but went for one

This is mine - actually was a disaster but I love what I have done and as soon as I have time I have plenty to try

Fabulous use of skeleton leaves and stencils

And this one too

Some lovely layers

I loved how this grew too

Catherine's was great - you just need to turn your head on an angle

A paper napkin in action

Annette working more wonders but you need to turn your head again

And lived this

Ands another which I loved

Using stencils on silk paper

Some layers again - turn your head again

And Karen had fun

Another wonderful layering

Loved this one

And how this turned out too from simple stitch - we played with loads of different stuff - wonderful class - these sorts of happenings make me think heaps on the hop and are so stimulating

Tomorrow I will show work from my second workshop


Heather said...

Lucky students - what a great time they must have had. Lovely images.

Penny said...

Sad I only managed the first 2 days but it was very stimulating and I came home full of ideas and have been playing ever since.

Lynette (NZ) said...

These samples look so fun and beautiful. I love the look of your compressed sponge in later post too...thinking I might have to try that. Happy weekend :-)


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