Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday stuff

At last my water lilies are flowering - very late this year and of course I am off to Adelaide tomorrow for a week and there are another 4 buds down there in the water. I do love them - Ian's job is the chat to them as encouragement.

I have filled my bag with workshop stuff and have still managed a little stitching and tiny knitting - this is for the second workshop

Taking one of my favourite books with me to read and absorb - there are plenty of stitch books out there but this one I still consider the best

Going to have to leave Ian in charge of the Weber Q though

I am really looking forward to me trip and my two workshops


Heather said...

Jan Beaney was my first textile heroine and I have several of her (and Jean Littlejohn's) books.
Hope Ian has sweet talked your lovely water lilies into flowering for your return, and got the barbecue fired up.
Have a great time.

Gill said...

I agree, Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beaney (and Maggie Grey) are my favourite textile artists and I have this book which is great.


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