Wednesday, March 05, 2014

tweedledeedee and off we fly

 We are off to Sydney pretty soon - have lunch all ready for eating on the plane since airline food is not worth getting excited about - not Qantas though - Virgin had a better deal. The J J champs are on for the 18ft skiffs - things not going so well so far but more days to come.

We were flat out yesterday and sorry to say not quite finish all the orders or get all the clubs away - I did get started on them and will be back next Tuesday to carry on. I also did NOT get to tidy  my big desk so will try again next week. I have gathered stuff to stitch and maybe make a bit of felty stuff.

 A little Paris page underway - the image on the bottom are a couple of photos I took in Paris printed onto Tissutex which had been soaked in Bubblejetset - probably ages ago as i found it taped to a sheet of paper underneath a pile of stuff. After I printed it I sponged water on the surface to test and nothing moved.

 And a collage - sorry about the light - it isn't that yellow

Trying an idea thanks to Pokey Bolton but on Tissutex. When I get back....

1 comment:

Heather said...

Working hard and playing hard as usual, by the sound of it. Love the Paris pages and those little 'petals' in the final pic. Enjoy your break.


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