Friday, September 13, 2013

Hand Dyed Chiffon Ribbon

 These are our very new hand dyed chiffon ribbons - dyed by Martien and Jacinta - they are not on the web and Ian is super busy with the e-mag issue two so we can get it to you as fast as so I am doing my own little sales here instead. Each is a one-off and they are $10 each or any 10 pot luck for $70 plus postage.
PS The special has now finished but we do still have a lovely selection of different hand dyed colours.
There are more than these but this is enough for now. They are crinkly chiffon and will felt in really well so for dry and wet felting or any surface stitchery or for knitting or making cords or anything else exciting like that. If you want - just email me
So - choose from the numbers or take a punt. They are all lovely. I will put the colour each is most like beside each one but they are not necessarily true to the colour

 1 - Victorian Rose
 2 - Rivendell
 3 - Royal Shiraz
 4 - Feast
 5 - Symphony
 6 - Canopy
 7 - Grey Power
 8- Pilgrim
 9 - similar to Rivendell
 10 - the closest to a black - Grey Power
 11 - Kimberley Dreaming
 12 - blues and greys
 13 - a Gelati with a difference
 14 - Shades of Ochre
 15 - earthy kinda
 16 - Sandslip
17 - Pinky Marshmallow

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