Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hot Spots

I am sure many of you have heard of Kim T who wrote Hot Textiles - we have had Hot Spots for quite a while now and sold heaps at the show in Perth and then forgot to add them to the web - well they went up today but I will have rolls of it very soon in big and small spots. In the meantime I have been playing with a few different surfaces. Hot Spots are a special fusible web with a difference - in that they are spotty and give a wonderful result when you add foils to them - great textural addition. in the one above I have been twin-needling (be prepared Holey Moleys) over a chiffoned polycotton burnt away - you cannot see the effect that well but I ironed strips of hot spots followed by gold foil - close up you can see the tiny spots.

Below I have been hot spotting on Khadi paper, printing with one of Ro's hand carved stamps and machine stitching. Khadi paper is fabulous for almost everything and I have arranged some new Khadi excitement to come home with us from London.

This little sample is on Evolon
And this glorious one is velvet - the spots sink into the velvet so well and gold foil sort of looks a bit luscious.
Finally, some silk slub where I have done a rubbing with Shiva gold, and then sprayed with Starburst Spray in Delphinium Turqiouse, popped hot spots in the spaces and used purple foil followed by some machine stitch. Heaps of potential.

Not that all of my tasks are anywhere over - lost my keys and had to spend an entire morning thinking about where they might be and finally coming up trumps...


Robin Mac said...

They all look fabulous Dale, I am very tempted to get some - probably a good Christmas present! Have a great time in London, then a very relaxing holiday in Paris so you can come home all revved up again. Cheers,'Robin

Heather said...

All these samples are very 'ooh' and 'aah' Dale, and here's me trying not to fall for any more new products! Glad you found your keys - losing them is such a worry.

Judy said...


Love the experiments with hot spots will hsve to get on to that soon; also must get out Hot Textliles it's a disgrace I think I have had it 18 months maybe 2 years and not yet done anything with it.


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