Sunday, May 08, 2016

A birthday and another trip - still in April

We came back from Broome just in time for a birthday outing to Long Chim - lucky me. I love this restaurant - hot and authentic.

David Thompson - I have devoured his two cookbooks for a long time now and have his dvd which I must watch soon.

We haven't tried the green chicken curry but we will. We had a wonderful fish when we went.

Then I flew off to Melbourne to AQC. We traded there from the first one but a couple of years ago decided that was that. I thought it was time to go check things our and I also helped out on the Wonderfil stand when I was wanted. I met up with lots of colleagues and friends and customers who kept saying come back come back but it isn't possible. For the first time i actually checked out all of the stands to see what might be new. I didn't see anything new but I did collect a few ideas for when I have a moment to think about.

I enjoyed the SAQA dinner outing organised by Lisa Walton (not the food though) and I found a fish and chip shop with wonderful fish. I caught up with Jacinta and after dinner she took me to have an icecream at Messina - very nice indeed.

On Friday night I walked to Movida where there was just a spot at the bar for me and I enjoyed a glass of red and a couple of tapas

these were my croquettes

and then I walked to the stadium to watch the Hurricanes clean up the Rebels - it was a good game and I had an enthusiastic bunch of guys sitting next to me.

I came back on Sunday and back to work. Always plenty to catch up with when you go away.

Then to finish the month off we went to the Perth Symphonic Chorus Shakespeare (and others) concert - especially enjoyed The Lark Ascending with Paul Wright as soloist.

So now I am up to May and it IS May.


Heather said...

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Your trip to Melbourne sounds wonderful and full of delights.

Chyfey said...

My goodness you have been busy and more to come.Have fun xx


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