Friday, May 29, 2015

what's happening in my world

 In New York last year I bought myself some lovely nail varnish - thought it was high time I used it on my nails as opposed to my work. However I now dare not touch anything so not sure what might happen this weekend when I get colouring and sticking etc for my several deadlines.

 This is the front cover for my Okarito book - and yes that really is me - I love those west coast beaches

 Boxes of new beautiful hand threads arrived this week so I took the opportunity to play - wove some wool felt and stitched with one and decorated my wold lady with another. Just deciding what colour hair and teaching myself drizzle stitch.

 Love roses and on my walk today I bought a bunch - not all of these though.

 Have to share the new threads - this is Eleganza = variegated perle 8

 This is Razzle variegated - rayon -

 Eleganza solid colours

Dazzle which is rayon with metallic - it is so exciting using them all and the colours are right up my alley - such a great palette of colours.
I have stitched with Dazzle - you just can't see the metallic strand so clearly. And for anyone who asks I am exclusively using the Sue Spargo Milliners #1 which I should have found years ago. If you want to check them out you can see them here - a new order is on its way already.

It's a long weekend here this weekend but i have rather a heap of deadlines to attend to so not much relaxing will be going on. The Hurricanes have won 12 out of 14 games - sadly they lost today but are still on top of the ladder - fingers crossed for their last two games. It has been an exciting season and well may it continue. Before the Rugby World Cup...


Heather said...

Pretty nails - I can never keep nail varnish looking good for more than a day. Love all those gorgeous threads and your stitchy pieces.

Amanda said...

Great colour polish! Number one tip... Always use a quick dry top coat like OPI Rapidry. Not the drops the actual lacquer. It makes everything usable in 10 minutes (you can sort a couple of emails in that time) and lasts days and days even in our mucky game!

Virginia said...

Hi Dale, Love the nail polish!! If you've a coat of top coat on it, they ought to survive reasonable abuse!

A question about those glorious threads - Eleganza Perle 8 ... will it go through the machine needle? I reckon it ought to almost??



Downunderdale said...

Virginia - I think a perle 8 is too thick to use through the machine needle even with a topstitch needle - certainly it is wonderful wound onto the bobbin


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