Saturday, March 14, 2015

Swirly Whirls playing and finally some rain....

 We had a new shipment of Joggles stencils - all top ups apart from this new one - Swirly Whirls - I rather like this one so thought I would have a play.

 First I cut them into two separate stencils

 Next I took some Tissutex and my Inktense Blocks and did a rubbing

 which I sprayed with water and made it into a fibrous paper using cocoon strippings - this is something I show in my workshops - a wondrous way to create a paper cloth

Once all dry I free machined it all

Next I tried the second stencil and did another rubbin, wet it and made another piece of paper cloth

 which I stitched onto a page in my skecthbook -  a Khadi book

This is the stitching on the back - waiting to be coloured etc.

I sprayed through the stencil onto the facing page.

Very pleased with stencil - love doing rubbings on Tissutex - love making silk paper with cocoon strippings and the tissue and enjoy stitching and spraying as well.

To make the time even better - it has finally rained even though it is very muggy and the Hurricanes had a fabulous win yesterday.

What more could a girl want? ........ a studio tidy fairy to suddenly appear.........

1 comment:

Heather said...

Love the swirly stencil and the way you have used it. Hope the tidy fairy turned up!


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