Sunday, February 08, 2015

finishing stuff off and other happenings

 This week I made a little postcard for SAQA - I don't always take part in activities but I thought I could manage this one. I decided that my time should be spent finishing the pieces I started in my workshop in Adelaide and since I had things ready for weaving, I did just that.

This is a little piece I made in class more as a sample - dry felting stitch and a little gentle wet felt. I knotted some wool which was in my box and added that. There is always room for some flower stitcher goodies.

My woven piece - what looks like brick colour is actually light brown. I love the way the velvet embosses - so did the class - and I have added some of my gimp circles stitched down with a lovely new metallic thread we have which actually works and does not split or break..

This is part of another piece we played with the idea - woven - the little feature was a tiny bit of weaving I added in as a starter. Most of the class did much bigger pieces but I was looking to make a highlight.

This is the bottom and the stamp I use for embossing velvet - these stamps are deep etched which makes them perfect.

My little feature - hand dyed skeleton leaf - very fragile and some buttons I found in my stash.

Then I thought I would try this transfer in my Khadi book - several people have told me about it using paper napkin and Glad wrap - works a treat and I shall try it onto other surfaces and see how I go. Now I can get onto my next project - my list is long.

It's been very hot here and Ian has been working on fixing a broken pipe - well one of the tree roots had wrapped itself around it. Not the best time but with the tree needing water and our bore only working to this point, our excess water was not a pleasant bill to receive this week. However we think our beautiful tree is making progress - won't really know until Spring but there are two areas still full of green leaves and new growth and the poor cracked bark higher up is coming away as it oozes out the poison. Poor tree and what an evil person to have done it. Thanks for the emails I get regulalrly asking.

Grant and Hannah's Christmas present finally arrived so Ian has been very busy plotting out another area in the back garden - he keeps moving it around but it does look lovely at night. We do so  much enjoy our outdoor lounge and sit out very late - there is nothing on tv anyway.

We have had drama here - Ian changed Harley's precious biscuits for a different brand and type and what a misery - sitting in front of her bowl not eating the new ones, rocking backwards and forwards, looking mournful and chatting furiously loudly and her tail going like crazy. On my way back from ATASDA yesterday where I took them the needs be for their challenge and demonstrated our wonderful new compressed sponge, I called into an IGA and found the 'right' ones - now I am in Harley's good books - for a change. She is a happy little bunny for the moment.

We have been to a couple of Fringe Festival events and a couple to come - usually we are so overawed by the programme we never know what to go to. Last Sunday we went to Divalicious which was good if ever so hot in that tent but last night's night event was pretty crass and I am sure most people felt the same from the non-reaction. I just hope they have good day jobs. However it is good to see it happening and Northbridge is lovely and alive. Afterwards we came home and drank fizzzy and ate beetroot chips.

I am still ever so busy with my family research especially for the grannies - being a history graduate means I am a good nosey parker. I have had some great photos sent by cousins of my paternal grannie but I feel another trip to NZ soon is on the cards. Amongst other things i need to check out some graves and places. If anyone is interested in a workshop, just email me. I will fly in and out of Wellington and be in the lower North Island. Dates open as I haven't decided yet.


Heather said...

I love the soft colours and textures of all your stitched pieces. What fun you must have had making them.
Not a good time of year for you have a water problem - glad it is sorted.
Those garden lights are lovely and so effective.

Julie said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your post, Dale and like Heather love your beautiful stitched and woven work. I'm glad your tree is at least holding its own and hopefully on the way to recovery. Lovely lights!

Penny said...

Are we going to learn this new transfer technique?


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