Saturday, August 31, 2013

black and white playing time

 We are back from our wonderful long weekend in Wellington aka Wellie - good flight all the way back - and absolutely perfect weather - took these heavy clothes and carted them back again. Been pretty busy since we landed - I am still counting and ordering and plenty of parcels of new stuff to excite me. The Derwent metallic pencils arrived - I have had them for ages and have never got around to ordering them until now and I also got the XL Graphite and Charcoal blocks but haven't had time to play with them yet. Love the Derwent products.

Instead I have been sneaking bits and pieces of a couple of dvds I bought ages back but haven't been watching any because my lap top was stolen and I don't usually like watching dvds on the main computer but as I still don't have a new laptop thought I had better. I bought Anne Bagby's two dvds because I read somewhere that she does exciting things with papers and collage and she sure does. My head is spinning with new ideas. I would like a book to accompany it - I do like the hard copy stuff to pore over. Anyway she talks about papers we don't have down under so I pulled out Tissutex which I reckon is same or similar as it is conservation paper and because I haven't seen it, i am not sure what US deli paper is really like but I found some waxed paper at the supermarket and I think it will do nicely. Waxed paper is non porous and this is.  I really believe that if you can't get a product in your own country you should find something you think will work - that's what it is all about surely?

 I painted both papers with black and white paint - I used Opulent paints which have mica - Blanche and Triesse (this has gold in it and reacted differently on each type) - then I applied the other colour through a stencil. Anne does mountains more - cuts stamps and applies stamps and stencils but I am only allowing myself a quick intro to this whole new area of play. There is so much on these dvds that I can see myself returning again and again.

 If I had time I would create a heap of different papers - using the gelli plate - stencils - stamps etc

When I get a moment I shall tear them or cut them up or whatever and reapply - collage? Maybe - maybe weave them. The what if factor grows. I will post when I move onto  stage two of this activity. Check out Anne Bagby if it appeals to you. i would personally attend a hands on although I might be exhausted afterwards. She moves at rocket speed in the dvds.

I have written my share of the newsletter and am now back to working on the e-mag - I have finishing touches to my articles -I really should stop and remember that each bit of writing is an article and not a book.

All sorts of things appeared this week - more sea urchin spines but they are half gone so I ordered another lot straight away. They seem to take quite a while. Plus the latest Cloth Paper Scissors arrived - issue 50 - i do remember when issue 1 was getting ready to appear. this particular issue is very good - wonderful interview with Louise O'Hara and a few other excitements. I can't remember what else came....
Last night we watched the final part of Broadchurch. A little drawn out but very well done. David Tennant was excellent - you kept wondering if he was going to drop dead at any point.


Amanda said...

Love the way you get stuck in with the paper. I have loads of journaling books and even joined 21 secrets but it's never quite bitten me. Maybe one day. :-/

Robin Mac said...

Wow, there is plenty to think about with those photos. the results look very interesting, will be waiting to see what you do with the deli paper and if it is the same as something Australian. Cheers

Heather said...

Love those experiments - there are so many possibilities and so little time! Lots to look forward to with a new CPS and Workshop on the Web.

jackie said...

You are having fun. I have used the grease proof paper we have here quite a lot,but sometimes acrylics tend to peel off if it gets too many layers. I plan to do some paper weaving with one of my groups soon.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the hint re Australian deli paper. Have been reading about its use in US magazines, blogs, etc and kept thinking of the paper that we get at our local deli and wondering how they (US) got it translucent:)


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