Tuesday, January 08, 2013

paint play

 It has been stinking hot here - temps around 40 but yesterday it rained and then it ended up like the tropics. No need to go to Bali but it would be nice to pop in the pool and be waited on. I have been busy playing with the Opulent paints. I really love them so I am working on a bulletin and new sections for their place on the web. this is the spectrum series - the 12 colours of my palette. Click on them to see the rich mica in each colour. These are neat from the bottle but I have been watering them down and love the different effects. This Spectrum Collection of 12 will be on the web pretty soon.

 I painted a colourwheel using the Sunburst stencil - actually I painted a very lopsided one because I didn't count the spaces so I did a second one.

Yesterday we got a small selection of Traci Bautista and Dina Wakley stamps in - I like this one from Traci and have been playing with it.

 This is the one I have been using - it is called Grafitti Circles and it's great. It has so much on it.  I used it with straight paint and then I layered a couple of colours and spritzed it with water then printed and then in a couple of cases, sprayed water over the top. Once these paints dry they stay - you cannot move them. But you can layer them as they are transparent.

A little further down the palette mixing colours. I have been working on cotton poplin this time. The brain only copes with so much in this heat.
and I finally fnished the little stitchy piece I started in NZ - just a few touches of pohutukawa red.


Dorothy said...

You have been the last one in particular. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow so here's hoping as I am travelling.

Heather said...

Those colours are so beautiful and I love your NZ stitchy piece.

Lynette (NZ) said...

Great way of testing your paints. I LOVE your stitched piece - particularly the nod to pohutukawa.


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