Friday, August 12, 2011

a treat

I bought myself a treat for all the hard work - and because I got them wholesale it wasn't too bad - a big box set of the Sennelier oil pastels - I love using them.

Because I have indulged myself, I have a box of 25 to give away to anyone who wants to pay the postage - they are not pristine and in fact a couple are stuck to the box a bit but they are free and have lots of life left in them. It will cost you a big red bag.

I also have a favour to ask - I am chasing children's books like golden books - old ones with Australian themes - they can be in any condition - I am happy to pay but not heaps - I have found one of Blinky Bill today - I want them for a display so wold love to hear if anyone has any lying around.

Busy weekend for me which involves cleaning the studio starting with the vacuum cleaner and then getting to work. The creative brain is in overdrive.


Heather said...

What a lovely treat - looking forward to seeing how you use them. Can't help with the children's books, only UK themes here! Happy vaccuuming!

lisa_crofts said...
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Singer said...

I would love the Senneliers please. More than happy to pay postage.
Try to hahve a relaxing weekend, I feel tired just reading about all the things you've been up to.

Jean S

Aussie Jo said...

I had stacks of really old golden books but I sent them off to the Op Shop.
That is the best place to buy them.

Janelle said...

Hi Dale
I find that op shops or second hand book stores are a good source of Golden books Hope that helps. I would love to 'take' the oil pastels off you!

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

Stop putting up pics of things that make my heart race. I feel a stroke coming on.

Dorothy said...

I would love to have your Senneliers oil pastels and am happy to pay postage too. I could even pick them up if I am the lucky one as I am doing lots of trips to the city for medical appointments at the moment.I hope you find time after the vacuuming to the studio to have some me time for creativity.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Would have loved the Sennelier, But notice they are spake for. Cant help with the Aussie books, my three girls claimed back all their books as soon as they had little ones. I can imagine you enjoying your treat, a beautiful thing to give yourself, we girls should all treat ourselves more often.

Unknown said...

OOO thats very generous of you Dale and my daughter(15) would adore them for her drawings, i would also love to have a play,
If i come across any little golden books i'd be happy to send them on to you
cheers karen xo


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