Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Annette and fusible film and more

Annette has been creating again - this time with fusible film and Opals - do go and visit her blog for a look see and make sure you read her previous entry as well. Very pertinent. She sent me this picture so I hope she doesn't mind that I have popped it here but I thought it was so wonderful.

And Heather - if you left London tonight you would be here in time for the concert.

Off to Grant's for a bbq - take the camera this time


Heather said...

A lovely thought Dale, but there is one small snag - I let my passport lapse some years ago and never got round to renewing it. This purse is fantastic. I love the colours and textures.


Hi Dale
if course you can use it...the actual item is on the way to you as well...have a great time in Melbourne


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