Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuffed Knitting

I have been double sided knitting (maybe that's not the proper name) - anyway 2 sides and then I have stuffed it with wool tops. not decided what I will do with it yet but working on it - I might try some textured finer yarn with big needles and then stuff it with things not just wool tops. The potential of a much more textured yarn will be much more interesting. This is a new wool which has just arrived called Joy - lovely colour movement and of course it felts (dry and wet) extremely well. Below is the front - well plain knit

and the next one is the back - purl - but you could have them both the same.

I think that playing will give me lots of much more interesting texture so I plan to work on it further. I have used two different yarns - hence the two different sets of colours.

Below is part of a piece I made a few years back which I came across today - wool tops hand stitched. I have always liked this piece - it was part of a series of 3 tiles.

We have had a pretty hectic week so we stopped at 3.30pm and went off to watch the rugby where the Highlanders just didn't manage to win. I have also has a bit of time to play with some napkins - I think it is one which Debbi gave me. I shall stitch it tomorrow if I have time.
We had a delivery today of thr3fold journals 1 and 2 and The Painted Quilt dvd and cd which I am hoping to have time tomorrow to have a look at. Hopefully Ian might get them onto the web tomorrow but we do have a busy day ahead so maybe Sunday......

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Maggie Grey said...

Hi Dale

I was teaching at the same gig as Ruth Lee recently and she was teaching these double sided knits. Very interesting results were achieved but the ladies really had to concentrate. Ruth's samples were wonderful.


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